Thursday, February 26, 2009

Octomom - Really?

Octomom...hmmm.  It's now been a month since, what's her real name, oh yeah, Nadya Suleman, gave birth to the octuplets and I find myself wondering why she is still in the limelight and what makes her so interesting that she has a nickname.  After all, why is she any different than any other woman who got pregnant and lacked common sense - really, she is a single mom that had six kids already - what was she thinking and do we really care?  

What we should be caring about are the eight little babies in the hospital and their well-being.  We don't hear too much about them or other neglected children like them.  Instead, I hear that Octomom was just offered $1,000,000 to film a porn movie.  Now that will make her the leading candidate for PTA mom, right?

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that society has lost sight of what has happened here.  It seems to me (blogging is about personal opinion, right?) that woman came to her doctor to have more children and no one used their common sense.  Why wasn't she offered professional counseling and if she was and refused, why didn't the doctor or medical staff use their common sense to help this woman and her houseful of children.  If she had been schizophrenic or even a crack addict, would they have allowed her to proceed - I think not.  Why is this any different?

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  1. If she accepts that porn deal then I will be convinced that she will do ANYTHING for publicity and money...she would gain more respect from the general public if she just turned down all of these sensationalized offers and went back to being a MOM.

    Sharon LaMothe

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